Requirement to store email for 90 days.

"Service providers are also required to keep customer records, including
emails, for 90 days, under the bill." "The bill has to go to Senate,
where it is expected to receive little opposition, before becoming law."

Talk to your senators folks. See if they're going to pay for the disk
arrays required to store 90 days worth of SPAM for each and every one of
your customers.

I suggest that congress get the spammers under control prior to enacting
legislation that requires us to archive all email for 90 days.

From the same URL:

"The bill encourages ISPs to report suspicious activity on their networks
(whatever that might be), even if it poses no immediate threat, and shield
them from lawsuits from anyone"

so just forward the spam to the authorities... after all, it is suspicous.
Maybe some Al Quaida steggo hiding in it?'s not quite like that. Here's the text:

(URL posting doesn't work with their cgi. Go to and
search for bill number H.R. 3482, and pull up section 102 (b))