Request for help: academic study (questionnaire)

Hello NANOGers,

I’m asking for your help through your response to a questionnaire that forms part of an academic study that I’m carrying out.

The study is directed solely towards facilitating understanding of metro area networks, for analysts who approach from the perspective of energy consumption.

The study is anonymous (no individual or company names are solicited), and individual responses will only be used in aggregate.

I shall send a digest of the survey to the mailing list, and will correspond with respondents who would like a copy of the paper which I intend to produce with the results.

Yours sincerely,


I’m at 15/50 (received/desired) responses - thank you so much to those who’ve helped.

Please, if you can answer/distribute/nudge, it would help to make this study meaningful
(for convenience:

Thank you for your patience with this reminder of mine.



Dear NANOGers,

Payback time (unprocessed, interim aggregate analytics, more to come later):
Next-generation metro area networks (,
available until tomorrow Friday 22nd 8pm CET.

I need more data (42/50 received/desired - at time of publication),
especially from MSOs
(but please, if you can, whatever your operator genre, do answer/distribute/nudge).



Apologies for cross-posting

Interim results (available until 26th July, 10 am CET)

Link to fill in survey (for those who have been unable to do so and might be interested in doing so).

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to those who have already filled in the survey.


I’m truly grateful for the response received (available until Wednesday 8pm CET)

I’m short on North American - headquartered telcos / MSOs; any support would be deeply appreciated (link to questionnaire is here).

With thanks,


Here’s an update on the analytics.

I’m concurrently running a parallel survey with support from a market research team.
The results will be part of a submission to a journal, with the scope of energy-aware telecommunications.
(I admit that the work is taking longer than I expected back in June)

Any feedback/discussion which you, the prime exponents of our industry’s cutting operational edge (I am just an academic), would care to share with me, would be a most valuable asset.

With sincere thanks and regards to all,