Request for delegation info


I was wondering if anyone had the following allocation information for the
following registries archived somewhere. I'm conducting a graduate project
and am trying to complete a picture of IPv4, v6 and ASN allocations.

The following dates were missing from various registry repositories. I'm
just trying to verify they actually do not exist vs. deleted from that
registry ftp server and its associated mirrors.

All dates are for 2004.

For RIPENCC: delegated-ripencc-

Jan 17
Jan 18
Feb 7
Feb 8
Feb 9
Apr 30
May 1
May 2
Sep 11
Sep 12
Sep 23
Oct 9
Oct 10

For ARIN: delegated-arin-

Mar 2
Apr 17

If anyone has these files and data available, please contact me off list.
Thanks for the consideration.

Eric Germann