Repost: New AUP as of 16 NOV 07

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Dear Colleagues:

This morning, a new Acceptable Use Policy was posted on the NANOG website.

Please be aware of it and note some significant changes. Much of the
language like "discouraged" was removed so that readers of the list
can interpret the AUP clearly vs. the general and vague
interpretations that were possible before. The problem we recently saw
with marketers contacting people has been addressed as well.

Of note to many of our enterprise network operator readers, there is a
new addition that should be of great concern:

        8. Autoresponders sending mail either to the list or to the
poster are prohibited.

If you for any reason turn on an automatic courtesy response
(vacation, out of office, etc.) to people who mail you directly via nanog or
a followup post, you will be removed from NANOG and you can resubscribe later.

AUP Adherence and Support

   MLC comments that address a posters behavior not on the list
   MLC comments that address the relevancy of any thread will be
consensus based and public
   MLC will seek internal consensus on warnings and warnings will be
clearly identified as such
   AUP non-conformance is equally weighted
   Roll call votes for subscriber bans and/or reinstatement

We tend to send notes of "concern" mostly, and if you are getting a
warning, it will clearly be marked "warning" and will carry the full
backing of the MLC.

There was work around transparency of the inner mechanics of the list itself:


   Automated filters will be posted clearly and accurately on website
   Automated monthly statistics will be posted on website
   Public minutes of monthly meetings posted in a timely fashion on website

Note: The AUP was _not_ unanimously approved by the NANOG MLC. The
fractious item was #8, since it is beyond many folks control and
required by employers _and_ easily mitigated by local filtering.

And the obligatory -- "Please abide by the AUP".



This is great news, in the past when I was being warned for using a
nickname I would get some staff telling me to stop and I would get
others telling me to ignore the warning and to continue my life as
usual :-/