Reporting Internet incidents to Homeland Security

<ritual line eater offerings>

I've forgotten the date, but there was an "event" that was not an "event",
but which significantly perturbed the ARPAnet of the time. Since I was at
SRI, it was between 1987 and 1990 -- before SRI had an I4 or whatever. I
had a conversation that evening with the duty officer at an agency that had
"where did you put the bomb Mr. Brunner" as its starting point. The net was
the the <agency> couldn't dump <assets> in finite time, though I did mine,
a bunch of MILNET subnets and boxen (e.g., CENTCOM, SOCOM, etc.), and that
was a problem.

The evening ended with a chat with a senior technical member of staff at
<agency> on the distribution of clue. I wrote up on it, and eventually a
quasi-govo-dork contacted me to share his lack-o-clue.

Sometime subsequent, or prior, but also while I was running the same playpen
at SRI, there was the Morris Worm. I wasn't one of the decoders. If memory,
always a feeble thing, serves, I made a call to a senior technical member of
staff at <agency> on the distribution of clue.

Twice the propeller-heads were hours (or days, or weeks, or professional
lives) ahead of the Feds. Anyone for 3-out-of-5? Does ENO<ASSET> matter?

I think CERT came from those calls. I'm probably mistaken. It probably came
from a golden drop of Retsyn. The orange jump suits were early Ghostbuster.

Anyway, the clue-density of the DOJ/HSD isn't enough to get optimistic over,
and the deck-chair exercise the current ship-o-fools is engaged in, while
highly entertaining, and wildly distracting from minor issues like getting
work done, isn't enough to divert paid staff time to feed.

I _did_ notice that when unpopular, "unpatriotic", network operators were
the targets of coordinated and opportunistic criminal acts, that the DOJ
and HSD had other priorities. That's the dns hijacking of Al Jazeera, in
the US (registrars and registry), the ddos on webservers in New Jersy,
and ddos transit through the US to non-US targets.

Wake me up when there's a photo op with Secretary Ridge or some DoJ hitter
with his or her foot on a pile of "patriotic" script-kiddie heads. I'd
like to think that "law" and "net" together means something other than a
game of badmitten.