Report from New Zealand

"The phone system is almost useless" is perhaps less accurate than
     "the one person I have talked to has reported some problems with his
     office handsets" :slight_smile:

I think in the Australian experience "the mobile phone system is
useless" was pretty accurate for at least an hour after midnight.
Landlines coped much better. For the places yet to experience 1/1/00 I
would suggest that if you need to keep in touch with your NOC (or
whatever) then be near a landline and give the mobile a night off.


If you anticipate needing to be in touch with your NOC, then I'd
reccomend dialing it up now, and leave it on speakerphone.

Or leave a landline open & muted some time before the roll-over and keep
it that way until the normal means of communication (mobile, etc) are
available again.

P.S. We are seeing an expected drop of traffic over a normal Friday
coinciding with various people heading off for their millenium
celebrations. Far below normal/expected trouble calls.

Deepak Jain