Replacement for NPD

Does anyone know of a replacement for the Network Probe Daemon software =
that was distributed through the IPMA website?

I've been working with colleagues at PSC on a successor called "NIMI".
Its goals are: (1) accommodate a wide range of measurement policies;
(2) accommodate a wide range of measurement tools; (3) take security
seriously; (4) take scaling seriously. There's a paper giving an
overview available from:

  V. Paxson, J. Mahdavi, A. Adams, and M. Mathis, An Architecture for
  Large-Scale Internet Measurement. IEEE Communications, Vol.36,
  No.8, pp 48-54, August 1998.

The software is alpha level and under active development. The current
infrastructure is 28 hosts, which we're in the process of trying to grow to
double that size within the next few months. Volunteers who can host a box
are highly welcomed - drop me a line at if interested.