Replacement for a Extreme Black Diamond 6808

Can anyone suggest a good replacement for an Extreme Black Diamond 6808 switch, we use it for aggregation, however their support is abhorrant and every time we have an issue they require us to unconfigure the switch, reset it to defaults and manually reconfigure it, no matter what the problem is, the resolution is the same.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Are you using it for L2 only, or L2+L3?
I hear decent things about using them for L2 only, and using J or C boxes
for the L3 portion.

Yep...that's the way we do it as well, L2 on the BD6808's and L3 on J
boxes although we started out using the BD's for part of our Layer3
traffic as well. They just gave too many problems, so if you can do your
L3 on a router and use them strictly for L2 traffic. We also run Foundry
switches, and if you absolutely need to do some L3 (OSPF/iBGP) on your
switches your better of using Foundry switches with an M4 blade, their
L3 code is much more mature than Extreme's, but when it comes to raw
performance try to avoid those scenarios and just let the BD do Layer2.
Their L3 might be crap, but they scream at L2.


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