[removal of service on OLD ip address for "B"]

good afternoon,
  back on 14 january 2004, we provided notification that the "B"
  root server address was being renumbered. this renumbering occured
  28 january 2004. we have continued to run root service on the
  old address since then to ease transition for those who might
  have needed more time to make the change.

  please ensure that you have a current "root.hints" or "cache.db"
  file. The Current version may be downloaded from:

  we have requested and received permission to terminate root service
  on the old IP address for the "B" root server and plan to do so
  on 01 january 2006. if there are concerns or questions, please
  let us know.

--bill manning for <hostmaster@b.root-servers.net>