Removal of my name

An e-mail message *can* in fact, be HTML, as HTML is a text payload
like any other.

Perhaps he was saying he won't spend the time looking for information
amongst html tags. Sure you can send html, it's just not nice for the

It's not his (or the world's) fault your MUA is locked into 1982 mode
and won't process the tags that are included in it.

Date isn't the only factor, people turn off html rendering in current
MUA due to the security risk

Lots of network people also work in security and don't need the extra

For mail I receive most spam and attempts to exploit the user/client
are html. Almost zero legit mail needed to have html

You have to tolerate receiving html as there's too many who don't
care. The sender has to tolerate their mail may not be read, may
be removed by spam filters or the recipient reducing their opinion
of the sender.