Remote hands ANYWHERE?


Good point, I would think we could take the approach that eBay does and have
a sort of comments or feedback system so that we could at least have some
idea of the level of work someone would do.. Someone does something for
you, you pay them, and you post feedback about what they did.

The other idea is public flogging at the nog... while extremely satisfying
in nature, personally Id rather have something tangable that I can reference
online before I ask someone to do something in my cage.

Seriously though I see this risk in general with any remote hands you decide
to use. There will always be unlabeled servers, and people who hit the
wrong switch, pull the wrong cable or read the wrong port. While we hate to
see it happen, the fact is we were not there to see it happen right


The sure-fire solution to this is to have both detailed documentation, AND
on the phone with your remote hands while they are working.

It's good to know which socket on what PDU my kit on the other side of the
country is plugged into for just this reason.

Mistakes can still be made - especially in the middle of the night...