Remote Gear Support ..

We are currently evaluating a cheap terminal server to replace the COS for
our out-of-band access. Lantronix makes a TS for about $1200 (Univ price).
Although a bit more expensive then the COS, it provides much more flexibility
(like begin able to telnet to dumb async devices when the network is up,
and being able to have multiple sessions going which makes realtime debugging
of problems easier). I would be interested if anyone knows of any cheaper
TS out there.


About this time last year I was using the Lantronix and Hughes/CMC
terminal Server. The Lantronix was advertised as able to do many
different type of connectivity, but I didn't like the support and
the performance and quality were not as good as the Hughes.
I had good field support and ROM upgrades.
The software which came with the Lantronix was buggy. Then
again it was trying to run on an AT&T 3B2 600G (oh my!).
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