Reliable Dedicated/VPS providers in Canada?


I was wondering if anyone could share some experiences with providers
in the great white north.

We have a few providers now and not happy with them. Cheap flimsly
virtual servers that charge .50cents a gig for BW overages.. :confused:

Any feedback would be appreciated..


Full disclosure - I'm biased because I work there but check out

Depends what you’re looking for, what you want to pay.

I host dedicated machines for a bunch of clients, who get a realio-trulio machine (something like a DL360) with unlimited transfer and the OS of their choice. If they want it, they even get maintenance and after-hours on-call tech staff who actually know what they are doing.

But it costs them more than the cheap $15/month we’ll-hosy-your-wesite packages, typically well north of $100/month for a fast machine with maintenance, somewhat less for an older, slower box unmaintained. All housed at 151 Front, THE premier Canadian data centre.

Drop me a line if you are interested, and we can talk.

I have also been burned by the “cheap” (usually quality, not price) VPS instances on oversold hardware in someone’s basement.