Relative cost of ONT and UPS for FTTP

At recent hearings, I stuck my foot deep into my mouth (as I often do).

So I am now tasked to find the relative cost of the ONT/UPS compared to
the cost of the FTTP drop to the home (in a Flexnap environment).

From what I had read in the past, the ONT/UPS represent a major portion

of the costs to connect a home to an existing Flexnap FTTP system as
the drop itself is now dirt cheap to install with unskilled workforce
(no need for laser splicing since flexnap is plug and play).

I know that the Aussie NBN had considered ditching the UPS to greatly
reduce the cost to reduce homes, so I have to hunt down those documents
(which predate existing pro-copper govt).

Does ayone have numbers for ONT/UPS or could point me to such ?
I assume manpower to install the ONT/UPS in homes is a large part of the
cost inside the home ?

And is there any evidence that the actual drop to the home with Flexnap
FTTP is cheaper than a drop using copper from the splice panel on pole
to the home ?

Any/all information would be helpful. (this is convince the regulator
that an independent ISP who buys the ONT/UPS to be used by one of its
customers relieves the incumbent telco from a major portion of the cost
to connect a home, which, according to telcos, represent 1/3 of total
cost of FTTP deployment.


We use the Adtran ONT solutions. The configuration is Adtran TA5000 with an Active Ethernet 24-Port Module (1187561F1) feeding an ONT TA324E (1287737G2) at the customer premise.
For power we are using the Cyber Power CSN27U12v-NA3 units.
The clam shell we are using to put the ONT in is TA350 ONT NID HSG SPLICE (1187770G1)

All of these part numbers should be available on Adtrans website to look up.


Thanks to everyone who provided some valuable info in my query. based
on a number of responses and some documents my buddy mr Google found for
me, the cost for the drop to home including CPE ranges between $650 to
$800. But most of those have full "bundle" deployments that include TV

I didn't realize that was what you were looking for; that's about the
numbers I got 2 years ago for a 12,000 passing 100% deployment over a
3 sq mi city. There was a lot of good information in those threads if
you're contemplating doing this from scratch; look for a couple threads
started by me in late 2012; July or on, I think. Can't remember the
titles, but they oughtta stick out.

-- jra

This was part of a year long process to evaluate the future of wholesale
access to last mile in Canada (independent ISPs using incumbent last
mile), and in particular whether FTTP should be included in the regulation.

Incumbents made arguments that the drop to the home represents 1/3 of
the total FTTP investment, and I had to break that down to show that if
ISPs pay for the CPE, it represents a significant portion of investment.
(Incumbents argue that ISPs ride on their coat-tails and never share
risk/investment, as well as the standard "we'll stop investing if you
force wholesale" which is also used by AT&T/Verizon in USA.

This hearing had enough spin to make anyone's head dizzy :frowning:

I can only speak on the building we have / are doing I don¹t know that I
would say the ont represents 1/3 of the cost. The construction side of
things can get fairly costly getting the plant to the point where you
could just use opti taps. I¹m not going to say this is everywhere but
with new wind loading regulations for poles and some cities trying to use
our construction as a way to pay for there streets to get fixed, yes we
have been asked to install wheel chair accessible sidewalks and re pave an
entire block when we wanted to bore 100 ft on a block that spanned 1000ft
and 4 lanes wide. That killed that deal. We have also had the pleasure
of working with cities and counties that work with us to get the permits
approved which has always been a nice treat. I don¹t think there is a
formula every situation can be extremely different. Just my 2 cents.

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