Operational: New registry fails to be a registry. More of a 'user site registry'.

It's been five days and I can't seem to get a human at with
a clue.

I made a mistake and registered a domain with them instead of netsol.
Here's how the nightmare unfolds.

1. They created records (MX and SOA) which cannot be removed via their
   graphical interface.

2. Despite providing a primary and secondary server, when I changed the
   primary server it did NOT ever zone xfr the new zone. Customer
   service says: "Can't mix offsite primaries and secondaries." Right.

3. Customer service won't respond to email. Have to use web form!!!

4. Domain validations require an email to be sent (so far so good) with
   a URL which is 86+ characters long which must be cut and pasted and
   used to verify authentication. (You get the feeling I'm on on 80-
   character terminal window here? Two cut and pastes...)

5. They take 24+ hours to respond to any query.

So far... I've done more "changes" and "updates" and "emails" than
I've ever had to do... all for one domain name.

Anyone have a human contact over there with a clue?