We are looking at our processes to ensure that incidents such as
occurred with can be addressed more quickly within Melbourne
IT, and also checking to ensure that an appropriate number of external
people have access to the right contacts at Melbourne IT to fast track
serious issues.


With all due respect, and I do appreciate that you guys worked
dilligently to fix this once the right people there actually
got the message, the overall performance of your organization
appears to have been not just unacceptable, but grossly unacceptable.

Having your CEO get the message, and then instead of notifying
you to have him call your attorney who then tells Panix to go
screw themselves until Monday morning, is so far beyond broken
that I have to ask whether it's acceptable for your organization
with its current staff to remain a registrar.

I think that it's not unreasonable for me to suggest that
the burden of proof is on Melbourne IT to demonstrate that
you have fixed not only your technical and support contact
issues, but that your CEO and corporate attorney have clearly
demonstrated enough understanding of operational issues to
continue to be associated with managing a public resource
such as a registry.

This was bad, and they made it worse. If they cannot or
will not convince us (or, speaking for myself, me at least)
that they have gotten a Clue, then please convey to your
board of directors that I and certainly others will do
whatever we can to see that your registrar status is revoked.

-george william herbert