recommended outdoor enclosures

I'm in need of my first free-standing, pad-mounted outdoor enclosure,
19" rack rails, 12-18 rack units, with about 400W of heat load inside,
for use in the Massachusetts climate. What do people recommend as far
as contruction, cooling/heating options, NEMA ratings, security
options, etc. for this use?

I was hoping to keep the inside temperature between 50 and 85 degrees
Fahrenheit, although my worst-case components are rated for 41 to 104
F (4 - 40 C). If a full mechanical A/C system can be avoided, even
better. A thermo-electric cooler would be nice.


I came across this once. Seems interesting but we have never used it ourselves. 400 Watts is not much so I believe this unit may even be overkill.

Stab in the dark but are you looking for something like this[1] or larger?


Be prepared to drop some coin.


Alpha's Radium Minibays should be a good start of what to look at and
seems to fit your requirements:


This is by far a "cheaper" option, but should work just fine. I'm about to do the same myself.

Grab a used cab here -

Some of those come with the factory huge AC systems built for thousands of watts of equipment inside, but if you're like me and will have 300-400 watts max, grab a non-cooled cabinet for cheap.

Then pick up one of these guys and slap it on, buy the capacity you need. You can get them with a heating option as well, they're thermoelectric and very affordable-

Clearwire uses these and they are very nice.


I have had success with the opposite approach using equipment rated from
-40 C to +85 C (+185 F), no fans, sealed NEMA4 or NEMA12 Hoffman
enclosures, cooling by equipment heat sinks. Ethernet switches and optics
rated -40 C to +85 C
This configuration has worked with the same equipment for at least 6 years
in an environment where summer ambient temperatures reach 120-130 F, and
winter ambient 0 F. Hoffman makes a 72" high NEMA12 enclosure with a
swing-out 19" telco rack.

"very affordable"? I looked at those and they cost more than twice
the cost of the cabinet itself. But I might end up going with them
anyway, 1500 BTU would cover the 400 watts I generate inside the
cabinet, but I'm more concerned about the outdoor environment/solar
heating effects. How many BTU should I add to account for that?

Woah, the last quote I got from them was less than half the price of a cab. I guess I'm cooling less equipment? What model are you looking at?

Unfortunately, I have some specific non-commodity circuit boards I'm
dealing with, so I have to accommodate their environmental