recommendation on vendor for 8 Cisco 7201 routers?

<Anyone have any recommendations for a US Cisco shop that can sell me 8
<new Cisco 7201 routers?

<If so, please email me the best person to contact.


                I recommend PICS Telecom. I have dealt with them for the last 5 years. They sell Telecom and Cisco equipment. It is grey market and sometimes brand new stuff. They all give a 1 year warranty on all their stuff and it is all tested. In case something does fail, their RMA process is fast and get you brand new stuff the next day.



I have had excellent service from OSI Hardware, they sell new & used at a pretty good price. They have 18 month warranties and I've had stuff ship same day and on my doorstep first thing in the morning.

The guy I deal with is Stephen Craig, , (214) 267-8519

Good luck
Dave D

Cool How is their service? Do they Telecom equipment. For example, Adtran and Fujitsu equipment?

We have been dealing with them for close to a year now and the service has been pretty astonishing thus far. I can usually get a price quote within an hour, their prices are usually lower than my other vendors and I can get orders shipped the same day. They back everything with an 18 month warranty and I have never had to use it yet (knock on wood). I can tell you I trust them and they have not let me down yet. They do sell optics for Adtran and Fujitsu but they do not stock hardware for that equipment.

Ok cool. I will keep them mind for Cisco equipment. Thank you sir for your reply.