Recommendation: Good paging / alerting software ?

Hi there,

I'm looking for a recommendation for a good paging / alerting system
*for personal use*.

I'm monitoring a number of servers, VMs, routers / switches and such,
and currently get ~10 pages a week.

Things I've already tried:
I'm currently using OpsGenie, but don't really like the UI.
I briefly tried PagerTree, and have used PagerDuty in the past -- I
was happy with PagerDuty, but don't really want to be paying $10 per
month for this (it's just for personal use, and that seemed a bit
I'm also a happy Pushover customer - this works well, but it's ability
to customise / close alerts seems to be missing. It works really well
for other types of notifications though.

1: Cheap!

2 : AlertManager integration - I mainly use Prometheus for monitoring,
and it sends alerts to AlertManager.

3: I'd like an iOS / Android app - having things come in over SMS /
messages makes it too easy to miss things. I also don't want to use
e.g Slack for this because it's too easy to miss them amongst other

4: A web interface would be nice, but not 100% necessary.

5: "Alerts" - the ability to Ack / Close alerts. This signals back to

6: Escalations would be nice - if I don't respond to an alert in N
minutes, send it again, possibly with a more grumpy noise.

Because this is just for personal use I really don't want to be
spending money on this...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
W might meet your needs. They have a free tier and collect syslog messages in their cloud and then have various alerting methods such as SMS, web hooks, email, etc. you could leverage to get the alerts you want. Good luck.

Have you tried uptime robot?

I believe you qualify for the free tier, there is a limit of SMS messages but email to text services at most providers can be substituted to circumvent that.

For personal use, I use gmail. Create a label “pageme,” have the monitor send emails to and set up label notifications on your android gmail app so you get a noise when something hits the pageme label.

Bill Herrin