Reback SMS / DSL packet loss issue.

Hi all,

Hope the last NANOG was good, I was supposed to go, but alas business got in the way.

I've got a question about an issue I'm seeing with some DSL clients. It may not be limited to Redback's SMS, but that's the platform being used, so I won't speak in generalities.

Occasionaly clients connected via ATM PVC's experience packet loss after reconnecting due to power loss. The line sync is fine, but packet loss of between 40 - 60% occurs. Only once I've used "clear sub <subscriber>" to disconnect the session does the packet loss stop. Anyone know why that would be?

I'd appreciate any insight or a push in the right direction regarding this, thanks.

Which model of SMS is this and what version of code are you running? Also how are the customers connecting to you (bridged, one PVC per customer/static,
PPPoE, PPPoA, etc...)?

It's been a year or so since I've had my hands on an SMS box, but I can try to blow the dust off of my brain.

Also, if you have a support contract with Redback, have you floated this past their TAC?



We're using a Redback SMS 1000 running AOS I've only noticed the issue with singleton PVC/static clients. We let our maintenance contract with Redback expire last year, unfortunately, and I doubt management will approve a purchase for this issue.


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Justin M. Streiner wrote:


"Redback support contract"

that's very funny...


at all possible I would recommend upgrading to AOS 6.

Now how you go about doing that without a support contract I don't know.

Sorry I can't be more help.