Reasons why BIND isn't being upgraded

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 08:34:58PM -0800, Joe Rhett typed:

Yes, and I'm sure that everyone sitting on their heels dealing with those
environments thanks you as well. Let's be rude to anyone that doesn't meet
our personal design philosophy, why don't we?

First of all, you were the one with the negativity first.

Second, Anyone who is running stock daemon binaries deserves to have
problems. Yes, This is a personal opinion. Never said it wasn't.
But, at least 15 people mailed me privately agreeing with me. Another
personal opinion: If there's someplace that won't let the admin's they
hire use their judgement when installing such important services as dns,
mail and www, sounds like they don't have alot of confidence in their

Scenario: Paul Vixie emails NANOG on a friday night that there's a
security issue with bind. If it took Sun a week to come out with a patch,
you're going to just sit idly by? In fact, I may have missed it, but I
don't think i've seen a Sun patch yet. A search on Access1 shows the
same. Are you still running bind previous to 8.2.3, as you'll only
install a vendor patch? If ISC gave Sun the information prior to last
Friday, they sure haven't done anything with it, that I can tell. So why
should they get preferential treatment?

I agree with Paul. This has gotten way to non-operational.

Hang out with Greg Woods much?

OK, you just lost all credibility. Kthnx.