Real-Time Mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks Now Available With AT&T

----- Forwarded message from Eric Kuhnke <> -----

Major providers such as Sprint and UUNet have had null route communities
available for quite some time... Unless I am mistaken?

Which AT&T does *not* have, unless I cannot find the correct person
to enlighten me. (NOC, sales team, implementation teams, customer
care and lifecycle teams- all either scratch their head and say
"what? why would someone want that?" or just say "no.")

Someone, please prove me wrong. I would love to have this
rather simple and quite common (these days) functionality
in all of my upstreams. Yes, AT&T is the only one (out of 4
major providers we use) that cannot seem to implement this.

Of course, I wonder if it will ever come now (assuming they will
charge for their whiz-bang Arbor solution...)