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I have a Cisco 3640 that I'm using for xDSL. I am going to be using the
unit in junction with a ATM interface for my ptp xDSL, and I wish to
authenticate dial-up users via RADIUS. Do any of you have any experience
setting up radius on an interface, and if so could you provide me with some
help (perhaps cut/paste your config as a reference). Thanks in advance,
and much appreciated!

--Tim Sullivan
US Internet
Senior Network Administrator

<#include randomthought.c>
I ponder the realism of such titles when asked such questions

Here is a sample for you...

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login admins local
aaa authentication ppp dialin radius local
aaa authorization exec local
aaa authorization network radius local
aaa accounting network start-stop radius

radius-server host ip.addy.radius.server
radius-server key radiuspasswordkey

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