RE: You are right [was Re: Ungodly packet loss rates]

As for me, it is interesting two technoques used simultaneously:

1) Journal asks ISP to make dialup-IP and 64K account for the testing;
and asks where they coud try T1 connection.

2) Journal bue (anonimously) dialup account from the same ISP's.

Then, every day in 1 months (or some 5 different days during this months)
they measure CPS for - WWW to some interesting pages, FTP from some servers,
quality of real-audio connections, etc...

Then (since 1 months) it will be very interestind data.

Agreed. But you don't mention customer support, prices, services
(many ISPs give you phone number, id/password - and you're on your way. others
provide customized news, content, local information, support, etc...)

In other words, there is a difference between "real" ISP and "not-so" ISP...


Agreed too, I missed this.

It means there have to be nessesary different rankes - quality of service,
quality of support, prices, etc..., etc...

It may be interesting even for us (there in Russia).