RE: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

RE: celebrations


I don't blame them for celebrating, their world is crap right now, and their
perceived oppressors, the Israelis, are largely supported by the US. Those
aren't peace signs, they are victory signs. I don't blame them for not
wanting the media to take advantage of a small amount of people
celebrating...these are people that never have anything to celebrate
normally, forgive them if they go a little overboard. Video of crowds of
people celebrating aren't exactly "proof" that all palestinians are bent on
the US's destruction.

Remember all those Anti-american rallys we see in Iran every once in a
while? Did you know most of those people are promised food and board in
exchange for being "anti-american" for the camera? Did you know that
Iranians like americans for the most part? That most of them have relatives
here? There is nothing intrinsically truthful about the situation that the
camera shows...Don't be manipulated (more than you can help at least)...