RE: Yahoo! Mail/Sys Admin

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted on this topic, and unfortunately I'm still
having trouble with Yahoo deferrals. The links that were provided in this
post worked, but after the forms were received by what I *think* is a human
I still got a canned reply. I've tried replying with specific details about
our problem, but is either answered with another generic reply or not at
all. We are running Imall, and each domain has it's own IP address. Queue
Timer and Tries before returning to sender are set to 30 minutes / 5
attempts. According to yahoo they do want you to attempt to resend if you
get a 421 error. SPF is also set on a per-domain basis. I'm not sure what
else to try. Does anyone have a better understanding of how Yahoo
greylisting works?

Thanks in advance!

Justin Wilson


Try encorporating DomainKeys and applying for their feedback loop.

I still have the same problem. Do you have any users who forward their email to their free addresses from your server?

Let me know if you get in touch with anyone :slight_smile:


Do you have any users who forward their email to their free addresses from your server?

That is likely the core of Justin's problem.

We've found the way to minimize issues with yahoo mail are:

1. Clean up (ideally eliminate) the .forwarders on your end.
  This requires some effort on your part to educate your
  customers on how they are making their own lives
  more difficult with their behaviors. Always a tough task.

2. Scour your outbound queues of garbage
  "be conservative in what you send"

3. Agressive delivery retries, but early discards.
  In other words, we've noted the yahoo MX machines seem to
  operate their greylists independantly, so if one stops you
  the next one may not. Don't wait too long before you retry
  but dump mail after X hours if yahoo won't accept it. We've
  settled on 6 hours. Any longer and it just stays backed up

Let me know if you get in touch with anyone :slight_smile:


I agree with Ray on this one... I'll gladly buy a sushi lunch for the first real yahoo mail admin that ever appears in meatspace. I'm convinced that there are no real humans working mail ops there.


Wearing my academic IT hat for a moment, a Real Person! (tm) appeared on
the HIED-EMAILADMIN list (hosted by earlier today, in answer to
a lot of talk about how bad things have got with Yahoo recently.

Out of politeness (since his email was obviously aimed at the list
membership, which isn't NANOG) I have asked if he minds my forwarding it
to other lists (well, I started with the list, but
I'll work from there).

His title, not giving too much away, is:

Anti-Abuse Product Manager
Yahoo! Mail

And you may, or may not, find his details in the list archives of the
first list I mentioned above.

I hope someone finds my not mentioning this fruitful :slight_smile: