RE: Yahoo! Mail/Sys Admin

We've been having trouble sending to * Getting the infamous
421 Message from (x.x.x.x) temporarily deferred - 4.16.50.
Please refer to

When I follow the referred link I get to,
which then points you to this URL: which is supposed to
be a form.

Sadly, that link loops you back to the Yahoo mail login page. Once you
login your choices are quite limited and are for basic E-mail help.
I've tried contacting yahoo through those links but I get a canned
reply. It's been over a month of consistent deliverability issues to
Yahoo and we're not one step closer to solving the problem. The one
thing I did notice is when I modified SPF to include the IP address
instead of the domain of the deferred MTA, E-mail would get through, but
only for a few days then it was back to deferral.

I've read the older posts on NANOG and various gripes about Yahoo
greylisting on google but all the leads have come to a dead end. Does
anyone know an interactive yahoo contact they could share with me?

Thank you,
Justin Wilson

You're right, they've shuffled things around.

Try this form: