RE: Worst design decisions?

Scott Granados <> 9/19/03 1:36:39 PM >>>

Actually, not what I've heard. I have a contact at a large east


bank who told me they were charged extra for Braille per ATM. I had
assumed for years it was a case of build them all one way only to


cost. But in fact this is not the case.

At least for the type they use.

Even if banks have to pay extra for Braille they're going to do it.
Banks have a phobia regarding lawsuits or being written up during an
audit. This phobia causes them to do things that don't necessarily make
a lot of sense to normal people.

Operationally speaking (sort of), any of you who work for banks and
have had to sit through network audits performed by idiots know what I'm
talking about. Sometimes these network audits are performed by clueless
monkeys who make 'suggestions' that have no basis in reality or logic
but we end up having to follow their recommendations for fear of being
written up during the next audit!