RE: Worst case worm damage estimates: Research

Sean Donelan wrote:
This is where I agree with Paxson and Weaver, there isn't
a deep supply line for replacement PCs. If 50 million PCs
fall over in a single morning, its unlikely the PC repair
people will have enough replacement machines ready instantly.

I'm with you, I was trying to point out that it's a big "if". Modern
BIOSes are protected against this, and as Eddy and I pointed out, it's
generally not a big deal to recover a trashed BIOS. Besides, after the
first million craps out, every radio and TV will be saying not to turn
on your PC before you talk to your IT.

Its the supermarket effect before a big snowstorm, they run
out of milk and bread within a couple of hours. But then what
happens? People starve? or is there product substitution?

Both at home and at the office I can find a week worth of overdue work
that does not require a PC.....