RE: Wifi SIP WPA/PSK Support

I've been tracking the Wi-Fi SIP phone space for some time, and have
documented all the phones that I could find here:
It's about a 7 MB file because I've included pictures of these devices where
I could find them.

Because we just installed a SIP proxy server on our switch I took the
opportunity to purchase and try out 4 Wi-Fi SIP phones:
- Hitachi IPC-5000
- UTStarcom F1000
- Pulver WiSIP/ZyXEL P-2000W v1
- ZyXEL P-2000 v2

The last two offer identical user interface and functionality but a
different shell.

The Hitachi doesn't offer WPA support, but it does do 802.1X (specifically
EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, PEAP, and EAP-TTLS) with WEP. That probably means it can
hand out WEP keys, and perhaps perform dynamic WEP. The only phone to
support WPA from that short list is the F1000 with 3.60 or higher firmware,
and that's only WPA-PSK.

If you look in the Word document you'll see there are other phones that
offer WPA support, but there not are readily available in the North American

Kind regards,