RE: why use IPv6, was: Lazy network operators

william(at) wrote:
Like what? 128bit ip addresses so we don't run out 10 years from now?

Maybe. Given the current stockpiling plus the extension of IPv4 to 32
bits to 48 bits (32 bits+port) that shortage that we have heard for the
last 10 years would happen any time soon might not even be an issue.

Or ability to do QoS PtP over internet?

Nothing to do with IPv6.

Or security that is built in and not part of additional layer?

What about security that we have heard for the last 10 years will be
built-in and still is not, when we use IPSEC for IPv4 daily even across

we just need to put more effort on things like
multihoming support for ipv6

Kind of ironic this is addressed to _me_

continuing ipv4 for next 100 years is not an option in my view

Not in mine either but it's not an excuse to defend a failure. I know
lots of people that could have done without the mandatory ISDN upgrade;
as of myself I intend not to spend millions on IPv6 upgrades to get the
same brilliant success ISDN had reaching each home and each office in