RE: who offers cheap (personal) 1U colo?

Michel Py wrote:
I pay $36/mo for my aDSL. $50 _more_ sounds a lot.

Paul Vixie wrote:
rest assured, some of the mail i've received in
response to this has even lower price points.

I'm not the one to convince; you're preaching the choir. What do you say
to the non-geek female Supreme Commander that oversees the home budget?
I'm walking a fine line already with 9 computers, a 12U router that
makes more noise than a 747, and a fair amount of other indispensable
network geek items.

most domestic residences don't have UPS

I do, and the geek clientele that reads this that would colo a 1U likely
does as well. As a matter of fact, I have 5 UPSes at home: one for the
server, one for the router (needs one on its own), one for my PC, one
for my wife's PC and even one for the DirecTiVo DVR (an old 200va that
can't power any recent computer).

or high speed IP with static global addresses.

I also have this and it would also be higher on the list of many network
geeks than the 1U colo me thinks.

(though I imagine they'd also do some personal web hosting
and maybe other things as long as the machine was there),

I don't see what. For the kind of personal web hosting I care of, my 384
upstream is more than I need. Besides, half of the stuff on my home page
would have to come from the home server in the first place.

You'd have to be a pretty hard core netgeek and have the
disposible income ($600/year + the server...I can think
of lots of better ways to spend that)

So can my wife.