RE: Where are static bogon filters appropriate? was: Bogons

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I think this really goes to the heart of the matter - the inability/
unwillingness to prioritize and allocate resources to properly
implement 'good neighbor' policies which are not perceived as having
any financial benefit to the organization.

So, can this sort of activity somehow be monetized by the SPs,
remedied by the vendors, or is it a matter for the standards bodies
(or some combination thereof)?

Standards bodies do technology, not policy. This is more of an issue for
regulators or industry associations. To start with, it makes sense to me
that public Internet providers would form some sort of trade association
to develop and publish industry best practices. And to evaluate member
compliance with those practices. This still doesn't fix the problem, but
it provides an opening for legislators to step in and regulate the ISPs
who are not members of the trade association.

No matter how much some on this list may dislike regulation for the
industry, it is inevitable because it is the only way to solve policy
issues like bogon filtering. Either self-regulation through a trade
association or government regulation through an FCC-like body.

As far as monetizing the activity, it will probably take a lawsuit
against one of the incompetent ISPs before network operations management
recognizes why this stuff needs to be MANAGED and not left to the whims
of engineers.