RE: What percentage of the Internet Traffic is junk?


What percentage of the Internet traffic is junk?

I think two things needs to be clarified:

1. What is "junk"
   (my $0.02: "junk" is what is as follows
   and associated by-product traffic of:
   - Viruses
   - Worms
   - Attacks of all kinds including DOS/dDOS
   - Spam
   - Crapware (which includes unwanted pop-up
     windows while surfing, challenging to measure)

2. Assuming that we a) have a clear definition of 1. and b) are able to
netflow-measure it (both of which present challenges), how do you define
"Internet traffic" and WHERE would you measure it (if it was technically
possible to sniff/netflow everywhere).

In other words, does "Internet traffic" include:
- Peering traffic between tier-1s (at Equinix facilities, of course :slight_smile:
- Transit traffic from/to tier-1s to smaller operators.
- Peering between content providers and eyeballs.
- Peering between eyeballs.
- Peering between x and y (you should read Bill
  Norton's papers about peering, me thinks)
- Internal traffic within eyeballs.
- Non-data traffic (VOIP..)?
- Etc?