RE: What do you have in your datacenters' toolbox?

> > But really: a power screwdriver, a bag of
> > #2 bits, and a 12" extender> > are 85% of it. :wink:
> I mostly get by with just a screwdriver. Powered
screwdrivers annoy the> hell out of me in almost all cases.

[WEG] The rule of thumb for most places I've worked has been that power
screwdrivers are only acceptable for *removing* screws, at least where the
electronic contents of a datacenter are concerned. Using a power
screwdriver to install/tighten machine screws carries a nasty risk of
cross-threading, or stripping, or snapping the heads off of the screws on
something important, leading to unrecoverable problems with expensive
modules that you can no longer easily remove to replace when the need

So you would recommend using a virtual screwdriver in the datacenter?


No, obviously you take the government approach and just outsource all screw-related activities (including screwing up) to "the experts" (i.e. outside contractors). :wink:

- Pete