RE: [WAY OT]: concern over public peering points...

Steve wrote:

water - 8" of it

Scary stuff - was that at Murray Hill?
My department at Holmdel inherited a computer lab with various Vaxen,
and more obvious problem under the raised floor was too much
cable to get all the tiles to stay down. The less obvious problems
had to do with unbalanced grounding on the power feeds,
but at least it was dry.

Edward Lewis wrote:

[Secure building with a Mac FOIRL'd to unsecured building with thinwire;
security officer said it was ok]

And it probably was ok, at least if you're allowed to have the Mac
with a networking connection to outside at all.
The fiber connection means that it's not going to act as an antenna
and leak out data that didn't get there from in or very near the Mac.
We used printers inside and OCR outside as our data network for
nonsensitive data; I tried to buy a paper tape punch and reader but
by the late 80s DEC wasn't making those any more :slight_smile:

    Bill Stewart