re: Wavelan & Linux @ NANOG

I have a Linux laptop & want to use one of the WaveLAN (Digital)
wireless units.

If someone has this working, I'd like to hear from you.

I have a laptop w/Linux 2.0.30. Hope you have the sources on your laptop.
This is supported in 2.0.x. Can't help you for anything before that.
Nope, the generic kernels don't have Wavelan support built in :frowning:

Just in case anybody else is at NANOG and wants to use the Wavelans:

cd to /usr/src/linux. vi .config. Search for CONFIG_NET_RADIO. Define it
(ie: delete the "#" and say "CONFIG_NET_RADIO=y"). Next line, add
"CONFIG_WAVELAN=y". Make the new kernel ("make depend ; make clean ;
make zImage"). If you've installed Linux on a laptop, then you're not
clueless and you know where to go from here (lilo, etc).

You'll need to remake/reinstall pcmcia (hope you have those sources also)
since the symbols won't match. You can force pcmcia to run anyway w/o
rebuilding, but it might not be pretty... Don't forget to edit
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts with the address you've been given.

I'd give you my kernel+pcmcia, but I left my laptop at home today.


No prob.