RE: VoIP QOS best practices

G.711 gives you the 64kbps quality you get on a channel in a PRI line.
No compression is performed.

G.729 is a well accepted codec that performs compression, and with ip
packet overhead, uses about 16 to 24 kbps (can't remember which). It
gives voice quality very close to G.711.

G.723 has a noticeable voice quality change, and is in the 6 to 8 kbps

The optimal is G.729 for quality vs bandwidth issues.

There are some other considerations involved but these are the main

Ray Burkholder

Also note that those sizes are for the voice part of the payload only…It does not take into account any payload/packet overhead…

We use G.711 quite a bit on our network, and are traffic flows are right around 80k…