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From: Jon Lewis []
Posted At: Monday, February 14, 2005 8:38 PM
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Conversation: Verizon wins MCI
Subject: Re: Verizon wins MCI

> > Verizon wins the battle for MCI, pays < 7B.
> I'm not financier, but this price seems rather low considering
> how large Worldcom is/used to be and that it includes all former
> UUNET, MCI, MFS, WCOM, etc. BTW - did this include Digex as
> well?

But does anyone really know how big WorldCon is/was? First
thing Verizon will have to do is fire the entire billing
department and replace them with people/systems that can
generate correct bills and send them to the correct customers.

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Then the question is can Verizon actually generate an accurate and
readable bill. :slight_smile:

Based on our experience it will just be inaccurate and unreadable in
new and unusual ways.


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