RE: VeriSign Capitulates

Be that as it may, this group is *anything* but "close knit". This is as unified as I've seen nanog participants on any matter (technical or otherwise) over the years that I've been on nanog. That alone speaks volumes about the "technical community's general opinion" of Verisign's actions in this matter.


And to be honest, most / all of the non-technical people I've talked to
find the "service" annoying and confusing as well. While "we" may
understand the reasons it's bad on a deeper level, have a better
understanding of what a horrible, unethical company Verisign is in the
first place,and take the issue more personally, I haven't seen any
evidence that the "average person on the street" appreciates the
altruistic service that Verislime is providing out of the goodness of
its heart.

The only people that reeally benefit from Sitefinder in any way are
Verisign and its stockholders.

I hate Sitefinder even more than I did before after an unfortunate
domain expiration mishap the other day - Sitefinder changed something
that would have been an embarassing inconvenience into a much more
unpleasant and damaging situation (with mail that probably would have
been temporarily deferred getting rejected outright, customers confused
why our site was all of the sudden pointing to Verisign).