RE: uunet

Last week we experienced a significant (for us anyway) DDOS against one
of our customers and UUNET was one of the quickest to respond. No, we
are not a UUNET customer but Chris (with UUNET) responded very quickly
(within 30min I believe) to a post we made to a mail list and began
blackholing traffic in UUNET's network. BTW, this was at about 10:30pm
on a Monday night his time.

WorldCom/UUNET is an easy company to beat on (and probably deserves it
some of the time) but the UUNET security team is, in my opinion, top
notch. They have been very willing to share information and techniques
and been very willing to help others implement DDOS/DOS tracking.

I'm not disputing the fact that you probably had a bad experience
getting through to the right person. It sounds like the UUNET NOC (like
many NOCs) was not terribly helpful. Other forms of communication like
NANOG and nsp-sec are often times better forms of communication when it
comes to DOS/DDOS attacks and other security issues. Hopefully that will
change over time.