RE: UUNET peering policy


Worldcom’s Exclusive Peering Club Posts Rules,4164,2674325,00.html
By Max Smetannikov, Interactive Week, January 14 2001 8:19 PM ET
…The result will likely be a wave of consolidations among smaller access providers and a codified first and second class of data carriage, industry experts said…

Interview: Vinton Cerf On Private Peering,4164,2673857,00.html
By Max Smettanikov, Interactive Week, January 15 2001 7:43 AM ET
…So I hope that when people look at this, they will understand that, especially in the case of private peering, when two parties have to build the physical capacity to link together, as opposed to public peering, when you have capacity going to a public NAP or MAE or what have you, it is even more clear evidence of cost associated with it. So it helps people understand the real framework in which Internet connectivity works…