RE: UUNet Offer New Protection Against DDoS

Terranson, Alif wrote:

>As long as we're doing "Me Too"...
>Savvis has had prefix:666 for around 18 months as well.
Do you know if C&W does? Or will that wait until the integration?

While I am not 100% certain (and there are plenty of "new-Savvis" folks here who *do* know for sure ;-), I believe the CW network does support a BH tag.

This thread has caused me to add this as a requirement for a
new gigabit ISP circuit I am ordering, as well as uRPF in the core,

Woah! Never said *anything* about that! No plans for it that I am aware of. No reason I can think of to do this either.

I've had two ISPs say "We don't do this yet, but based on the
fact you are making it a requirement, we will role those functions out
into our core."

This is really not "new", and considering how easy it is to implement, I'm surprised it isn't *much* more widely implemented.

Voting with his money for better net-security....

Go Steve! Go!!

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