RE: US Extradition rights (was Re: Spamhaus Exposed)

Joshua Brady wrote:
> The "Child" you speak of caused destruction over a network,
the same
> applied for the 2 hackers here who were sent over without even
> questioning the UK. If the US Government is Satan then I
suppose I am
> going to hell, because I sure as hell support it.

Do you support the converse, where some little s*** hacks my
London network from some random US college ? At the moment, I
have no recourse of any kind and the UK authorities have no
power, and as a consequence, no interest.


I would have to say yes. Globalization of trade and markets is dependant to
some degree on a commonality of law. As you say, there's presently no
reason a US firm couldn't destroy the network of a UK firm with whom it
competes to get a competitive advantage. If spammers are any example, then
there are people out there low enough to take advantage of such a loophole.

It is probably reasonable to expect that every country will maintain its own
speed limits and decency statues. I do believe that crimes against people
and property should be prosecutable across international borders.
Unfortunately, that is probably a utopian dream.

Chris Proctor