RE: UPS and generator interaction?

Brian (nanog-list) wrote:

Does anyone know of a way to get a UPS to trigger a generator to start,


to switch over to the generator power automatically or does this type of
thing just not exist?

What Patrick said.

But, on a minor note that probably won't affect your Symmetra but I'm
posting in case anyone else here can shed light on.... we had a power
event this AM. The transfer switch did it's magic and all was good...
Except for two new APC1400's- they failed once the batteries drained. I
triple-checked that they were on the right panel, played with
sensitivity, even tried daisy-chaining one off a good working 2200.
Nothing I did would convince the two 1400s they had power. Once the
house power was restored they came back to life and look normal. I later
learned that two of our colo customers with APC1400s had the same
problem :frowning: Other models (even a couple non-essential lower-end, dumb APC
450s and 650s) didn't blink at the generator power.


If you are sure they were on an EP panel, then you may want to verify the
generator frequency/voltage.
We had an old 120KVA UPS that was VERY sensitive to frequency, and would
stay on battery while the generator was running, even if the frequency was
only off 1/2 cycle.