RE: Upcoming change to SOA values in .com and .net zones

RFC 2182 Section 7 covers this as Randy Bush mentioned earlier..
If They do serial # updates, in a scripted manner or they just change the serial number to 40000000
let it propagate and then change to 1000000 something all will be fine...

The RFC above explains it well, no need to repost here....

... and not as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS or any contracted version thereof!

Right, but, the _OLD_ format is. Therefore, the old zone file prior to
the conversion will be SN 2004020800 through 2004020901. After the change,
the SN will be in the range 1076284800 through 1076371200 inclusive.
This complete range is less than 2004020800, so, the serial number will,
indeed, be going backwards at the time of the change. This should only
matter to things doing automated zone transfers and a forced manual zone
transfer should solve the problem. Presumably, the responsible TLD
are being coordinated with to take the necessary steps. Anyone else doing
zone transfers of COM and NET has now been warned and should take