RE: Unplugging spamming PCs


Mail servers should be registered just like domains and shutdown by a
registrar if they are misusing their registered services. This really
needs to be handled by a multi-lateral legal solution, industry will not
fix it alone.

No, I don't think this is good solution

First of all, we could not ask customers to register everything they planned with leased line without legal reasons.
Second, if I hire DSL/leased_line service from ISP and set up domain name for myself, ISP could not ask me to
tell them which port should be opened as I'm not taking a firewalling service, I'm not a member of my service provider.
I should be able to do anything that are not perhibited by law or affact someothers.

Blocking_port_25 indicates ISP pre-assume that customers will SPAM their network. But, SPAMmer is just a very small
group of people. Maybe most of them comes from other countries ( what happens in China).

To me, the proper way of anti-spam may ask cooperation between ISPs and Email service providers. Anyway,
strengthening anti-spam ability in Email server is a must.




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