RE: Unplugging spamming PCs

Hi Joe,

  If only those who are approved email senders are allowed to be
accepted, this allows police, FBI, or DHS to go after only those who are
registered and abusing it. It's for the same purpose that we administer
car registrations, so that at the end of the day, someone is responsible
for the car. In this case, someone can be responsible for the domain and
mail server. In its current state, we are left way in the open. I don't
disagree that government control is un-desirable, but remember, at least
in my mind, even though it may be undesirable, it may be a necessary
action. Anyone know why we have to get a drivers license? How about a
passport? What about a SSN? All of these things are ways in which we
can have accountability. Without accountability we will remain in
anarchy. All that government does is bridge a gap when corporations,
which only do things for profit, will not collaborate on an appropriate
solution to a problem, even though one exists.


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Larry Pingree

"Visionary people, are visionary, partly because of the great many
things they never get to see." - Larry Pingree

And all the spammers move to China where the FBI, DHS and police have
no authority.

Oh wait - you say they already have?

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24 Jun 2004 11:17:37 -0700

But why stop at email servers? spam is only one of the unsociable and illegal acts happening on the Internet. Why not license ownership of every IP capable device? That'll stop all forms of DoS (DDoS and otherwise too).

Just to make sure, let's require that all vendors both inspect the license from their customers *and* notify the government on every purchase or upgrade.

Hmm. Which government though? Better to be safe... you can't be sure which country the device is being installed in, or which country the packets flowing through the device will also visit. So let's require licenses from every country... and vendors to notify every government on every purchase or upgrade.

Yep, that'll do the trick.