RE: Ungodly packet loss rates


I think you may miss the point.

In the commercial Internet world, I have to pay for my network. If I'm a
big guy, my main value is hauling traffic long distances. How am I to make
a profit (or even maintain my network) if 1) I can't exchange traffic with the
other long haul providers without significant loss, and 2) I give free access
to all of my most opportune customers?

I doubt that the people who design, engineer, and install these networks
feel at all that way about open naps. They have been driven to a business
decision. In many peoples eyes it may not have been the best decision, but
it happens to be the easiest and quickest method to quench the bleeding.
We are at a point where the traffic growth is causing a lot of people to
re-evaluate their network design philosophy. We haven't even begun to
see the final shape of thinks (All IMHO)