RE: uDNS Root Name Servers Taking Shape - on a couple ISDN lines

@ > Jamie,
@ Jim, i'll save Jamie the trouble:
@ > 1. What is the official Root Name Server configuration
@ > endorsed by NANOG ?
@ I doubt Jamie speaks for NANOG and I also doubt that NANOG endorses a Root
@ Name Server configuration [as it would be all over the place if they did
@ and so many NANOGers have very varied opinions].

Does NANOG (or its members) plan to support (deploy) a Root
Name Server Confederation for North America ?

The majority (like the majority of non-NANOG members) support the IANA's
roots; at least one NANOG member runs an IANA root server. The IANA roots
are located mainly in North America, with one server at the LINX in
Telehouse, London.

You, Karl, and various others have deployed your own servers, which have
largely been ignored by the other 99.5% of the general population.

NANOG as a whole can't be represented as having a single position on
anything; I'm surprised that you would think it could.